Let’s go for a Bike Ride!

So, maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve rolled out into the neighborhood.  No problem! All you need is a bike that is safe and comfortable for you.

A quick safety check before each ride is important:

Are your tires properly inflated? Your recommended tire pressure should be marked along the sidewall with the range of psi (pounds per square inch) that is appropriate for the tire. Where you fall in that range depends more on how you want the bike to feel .

Are your brake pads in good condition and giving you full stopping power?

Is your chain free of mud and running smoothly over the gears?

Do your pedals feel secure?

Gather your helmet and make sure it still fits and feels good. The helmet should cover your forehead, and touch just about to the top of pair of sunglasses

Ring your bell a couple of times, sound good? You’ve got a front white light, and a rear reflector, too right? Bells and lights are required by state law.

A comfortable bike will make all the difference and a good saddle and a bike that is the correct size are key. Saddles are easy to swap out, so do yourself a favor and head over to one of our great local bike shops (LBS) for some expert advice.

Sizing can be a bit tricky, and we would again point you in the direction of our LBS’ if you have technical questions. But, generally, you should be able to stand over the top tube with  an inch or so between you and the bike. And, you should be able to reach the handlebars with a just slight bend in the elbow. Both the seatpost and handlebars are easy to adjust with an hex wrench.

Now, you are ready to set off on a new bike adventure. Need more support? No worries! Our commuter series will help get you to work and beyond with confidence! Take us along, find us on Instagram and Twitter with hashtags #bikefortwayne #bicyclefriendlyfortwayne. Share your bike life with us!

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