CycloFemme is an annual international event held on Mother’s Day each year. 

“CycloFemme is a Global Celebration of Women created TO HONOR THE PAST from the shoulders of those who stood before us, for the freedom to choose and the chance to wear pants. TO CELEBRATE THE PRESENT with strength and courage, voices raised, moving together. TO EMPOWER THE FUTURE of women everywhere, the backbone of positive social change.

Fort Wayne CycloFemme will be held on
Sunday, May 13TH, 2018

This event is part of Kickstart Fort Wayne, a month long celebration of bicycles, art, music and theater.



We are offering three distances to choose from. All distances begin and end at Rockhill Park. Paper maps will be available at the registration table. GPX for all three routes can be downloaded here

Towpath Option: This route uses all greenway paths. We’ll roll out to the Towpath Trailhead, pause for a snack and a rest, and head back to Rockhill Park. This distance is approximately 8 miles.

Aboite Option: This route uses greenway paths and some roads. We’ll head out to the Aboite Township Trustee’s Office, as they are our midway SAG point. The office is just past Homestead Highschool. The route is designed as a loop, but you are welcome to take it out and back if you prefer. That would reduce the amount of time spent on roads. This distance is approximately 22 miles. This route is marked with directional arrows.

Roanoke Option: This route follows the other two, but instead of turning back to Rockhill Park at the Aboite Township Trustee’s office, we roll on to Roanoke. This route is intended for more experianced riders, as it does include road riding. This route will be marked with Dan Henry’s and directional arrows. The distance is approximately 46 miles.


Rockhill Park has limited parking. We can use the Fort Wayne Community Schools’ facilities lots along Catalpa and the World Baseball Academy’s west lot, along Freeman Street. If you can carpool or ride in to the park, that will greatly help ease any parking issues.

Check In:

Sign up here! You can absolutely sign up the day of the ride, please make sure you arrive early. We will meet at Rockhill Park with a start time of 2 PM. If you’d like to come early, check your bike, air your tires, and socialize, we’ll be there at 1:00 PM.


If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at 

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