Bike Commuting: Finding Your Way

The path to work on two wheels is not always “straightforward”.  While in a car the general approach is to go in the shortest or fastest possible line, but cyclists must balance that objective with thoughts on safety, road surface, traffic density and other complications.

When selecting a commuting route, it may be desirable to start with the portions of the route that you absolutely want to avoid – such as a fast moving road or a dangerous intersection.  Grab a map and see what other alternative paths exist that would allow travel without going through that section.  Examples might be additions that have connecting sidewalks, using a path around the back of a shopping center or maybe a route through a university or an assisted living complex.  Living on the far northeast area of Fort Wayne, all of these are part of my  “comfort paths” to get downtown. Consider some recreational riding time on the weekends to practice your routes or to explore alternatives.  You can always us drop a line, we are happy to offer assistance.

Once you’ve worked around the worst sections, choosing the connecting routes becomes easier.  Use an on-line map tool to determine the streets that connect your selected “comfort path” and then on to your destination.  Have you found a great route through a challenging area? Tell us about it! If you’ve got suggestions on what connections need to be added, to make biking easier in Fort Wayne for you and your riding, you are welcome to share with us via email or with the City of Fort Wayne by calling 311.

2 thoughts on “Bike Commuting: Finding Your Way

  1. Here in Fort Wayne flooding is always a threat also.
    As I am a year round commuter I have well used alternative routes for the weeks/months when it is impossible to use the trails. I live in New Haven and the Rivergreenway between Moser Park and N. Anthony is closed for around 25% of the year so I travel along Nelson Rd, New Haven Ave., Wayne Trace to join Anthony. Another useful detour for when Swinney Park is flooded is to go down Main St then along Greenwood to the back entrance into W. Swinney. It is important to be flexible, it is sometimes easy to get to work but then find the trails flooded when you are returning home.


  2. Thanks, Dave. I really like a route that enters downtown from the south via South Wayne. I usually turn right at Home, and then follow Fairfield all the way to Bass. At that point, I take the sidewalk to go under the railroad tracks, because the lanes are narrow, and car drivers are distracted as they navigate the underpass. Then, at Baker I take the bike lane to Ewing, and then take the bike lanes and road to Wayne, where I catch that bike lane, and make my way to the Fort Wayne Trails office.

    The 6 blocks on Fairfield are much less scary than I thought they might be. With the exception of 1 school bus last autumn, the drivers are courteous and always give more than 3 feet when they pass.


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