Jade Kelsey, President

Jade is a Fort Wayne native,  and her love for the city is evident in the volunteer work she does with several area non profits.  She was relatively new to cycling when she joined us, and she picked it up quickly. Jade commutes to work often, taking advantage of our convenient Greenway and bike lanes. In 2016, Jade became a League of American Bicyclists’ Cycling Instructor.

Vicki Eber,        Volunteer and Blogger

Vicki has had a love for bikes since she was a child, enjoying long rides out in the country. Having lived in Fort Wayne for over 10 years, she still rides her bike, often commuting to her place of business both on the greenway trail system, as well as using the now more readily available bike lanes Fort Wayne offers. After her commute is complete, Vicki is a lifestyle & wellness coach, and yoga instructor.

Vincent Serrani, Treasurer

Vincent is a proud husband, father, and teacher with Fort Wayne Community Schools.  He commutes daily by bicycle and enjoys touring and riding with his family.  Vincent hopes his work with bicycle advocacy will help to build a better bicycling culture and infrastructure for his children and students.  He has been an active member of Bicycle Friendly Fort Wayne since the start and continues to work to make our city a better place to ride.

Ann profile
Ann Carman, Secretary

Ann moved to Fort Wayne 2 years ago after living in 5 different states for school, work, and life adventures!  She picked up cycling again as an adult to get out of the house and in to the greater Fort Wayne community.  She loves the Fort Wayne Trail system and uses part of it to bike to work as often as she can.  Ann is excited to become a seasoned bike commuter and advocate for the community through her involvement with BFFW!

Brian Bailey,  Volunteer and Blogger

Brian is a frequent commuter to his downtown Fort Wayne office from his home in Southwest Allen County, which was chosen for safe and convenient access to the Fort Wayne Trails system.  Brian believes that a safe bike commute not only enhances the physical, mental and fiscal life of the commuter, but also nurtures connection to our community and stewardship of our shared commons.  Between weekday bike commutes, Brian is a patent attorney.