Dave Rides For the Fun of It!

Fun and exercise! That’s why I ride my bike as often as possible during the spring, summer and fall. It is also why I ride other bikes too.  In 2016 it was my privilege to ride in 11 different states.  When on travel for business or vacation there are many options to finding a bike.  Last year some were part of a tourist tour package, some were borrowed from friends, hotels or businesses, some were local rentals and one was a public bike share!

Wow, I did I ever have fun.  Rode through an old growth forest in Alaska to the Mendenhall Glacier.  Rode through traffic in Upper Manhattan to and through Central Park.  Rode through unmarked desert in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Rented a bike from Beer City Bikes in Ashville, NC and was surprised to find they had 8 different beers on tap in a bike shop!  Rode a rental bike along the Pacific Coast in Long Beach, CA.  Did a lap on a hotel’s bike around Mackinaw Island where Michigan state road 185 has no cars on it: ever!

In five decades of bike riding, I have yet to find any other form of exercise that is as enjoyable as getting outside, seeing a lot of sights, always having a wind blowing over the body, even on a hot day.  To help share this passion with others, I have started a Facebook group, Spoke Folks, to share possible rides and riding information.  Although most of the group lives in the NE quadrant of Fort Wayne, we ride all over town and once in a while out of town such as the Monon Trail in Indianapolis.

If you are struggling to find what you consider to be a safe route to ride, we need to talk.  It has taken some exploring to find alternatives, but we now have about a half a dozen different ways to get to downtown Fort Wayne from the far northeast corner of town!  There are many unique ways to avoid busy streets and dangerous intersections.  Let’s get together and bike Fort Wayne in the friendliest way possible.  While we are pedaling, I’d love to hear your stories about other places to ride bikes.  Some people have “bucket lists” so instead I have a “bike-it list” and you might know about a place to ride that I need to add to my list.  Happy Trails (and side streets)!

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